Birth Journey Exploration

What you need to go deeper into understanding your baby’s birth and prenatal experiences and how they might impact their development.


If you want to investigate your baby's birth:

In the first session, we will debrief the birth journey and you will send photos and videos and fill out a pre- and perinatal questionnaire;

In the second session we will analyze your baby's face map, birth experience or baby body language, and discuss pre- and perinatal protocols to be implemented.

If you're pregnant:

In the first session we will talk about your pregnancy journey and your relationship with your unborn baby; We will also talk about the 4 main pillars that I consider paramount to prepare for birth with baby in mind.

In the second session we will talk about practical ways for you to support your baby before, during, and after birth.

OR book a clarity consultation

This is a one-off 90-minute session for you to pick my brain on how your birth choices or your client's birth choices might impact birth, the potential outcomes for the baby (from the baby's perspective), and what you can do to provide support before and after the baby is born.

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Thank you for saying this. I still hold the imprint of birth trauma 64 years later...”

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