Birth Re-Imagined:

In the Eyes of the newborn

A 3-PART workshop for parents and birth workers THAT WILL EXPLORE what BIRTH IS LIKE FOR BABIES

Tired of seeing babies being forgotten and mistreated during childbirth and not sure how to help them?

Birth Re-Imagined: In the Eyes of the Newborn will help you understand the baby's perspective of being born and build compassion towards what it's like for babies to be born.

You will learn how to identify the signs that babies show that tell us what birth might have been like through baby body language and how to help them recover from any challenges they may have experienced.

If you are a parent, birth worker, or anyone else who is passionate about creating a positive birth experience for all, then this workshop is for you.

... you won't be able to unsee what you are about to learn!

All of this for those who:

  • Have Babies or Toddlers

  • Are Pregnant (or planning)

  • Want to become pregnant

  • Birth Workers

  • Postpartum Doulas

  • Grandparents

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • Early Years Professionals

“Everything you have been posting resonates so much.”

"First daughter had a traumatic birth and I've been realizing how much of her behavior is all birth trauma. Just had my second baby unmedicated and now it's SO CLEAR to me how does much of child behavior is all from birth trauma."

this is what you can expect to

learn (and accomplish!) at the workshop:

  • How babies experience birth, including the pain and compression forces they endure, by looking at a baby's face map drawing

  • The impact interventions can have on a conscious baby.

  • How to identify the signs that your baby is showing what birth was like through baby body language.

you will see your baby as you never have until today!

Thank you for this work you do.”

“Oh this is hard to watch. I missed your masterclass on Saturday because my baby was being sent home from NICU. I desperately want to fix the harm he has endured and also for my first son who was born in different circumstances but still felt the trauma of interventions. Thank you for this work you do.”


this is what you can expect to

Receive From the workshop

  • A 3-Part Interactive Workshop Live Recording*

  • 3x 60-minutes trainings with somatic exercises

  • The Birth Re-Imagined Workbook

    Plus, these bonuses:

  • BONUS: A Must-Have List of Somatic Exercises for Overwhelmed Parents

  • BONUS: 'Let it Be So' Meditation Practice for a More Connected Parenting

  • BONUS: Sample of a Pre- and Perinatal Historical Questionnaire


Frequently Asked Questions.

Why not just ask the doctor if this is so obvious?

A lot of the practice you see nowadays is based on a biomedical model where a diagnosis is given and a fast solution is found. These solutions are, more often than not, medications or interventions that might ease the problem in the short term but won't go into the root of the problem, which means that whatever the problem was, it will remain and resurface at some point.

Very few health professionals are trained to address the being as a whole, and each will focus on their speciality, when the problem might have different origins, and should all be addressed simultaneously.

Plus I don't just talk about solutions. This is all about creating awareness around prevention, and around healing the next generations.

Think of this workshop as a crossroad where birth and parenting preparation and global health come together.

What will I learn that I can’t find on free sites and YouTube?

You could absolutely use free content and confuse the heck out of yourself by trying to piecemeal 100 peoples’ contradictory opinions. It’ll result in 7000 tabs open on your computer, and an answer that will not be reliable or clarify you in any way.

Or you can attend a small curated group of parents just like you and get expert advice that cuts through the noise and

gives you solid information to make decisions for your next birth or start helping your baby today.

What if I can’t make the class live?

No worries. We’ll record the class and send it so you can access it anytime.

you're invited to watch the

Birth Re-Imagined

In the Eyes of the newborn



3-hour INTERACTIVE WORKSHOP live recording*




the Birth Re-Imagined WORKBOOK


BONUS: a MUST HAVE LIST of Somatic exercises for Overwhelmed Parents


BONUS: 'Let it Be So' Meditation Practice for More Connected Parenting


BONUS: Sample of a pre- and perinatal historical questionnaire


*The recording will be accessible for 15 days.




Total Value = £610

Price = £149

What people are saying

“Thank you for saying this. I still hold the imprint of birth trauma 64 years later...” - All Rights Reserved